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2001Kinetics and morphologies of viscoelastic phase separationZhang, Jianing ; Zhang, Zhenli ; Zhang, Hongdong ; Yang, Yuliang 
2003Vibration control of an ER seat suspension for a commercial vehicleChoi, S. B. ; Choi, Jeonghwan ; Lee, Y. S. ; Han, M. S. 
2005The role of entrepreneurship in developing countries in recognition of the Philippine MSME sectorChiu, Candy L. ; Cabanda, Emilyn C. 
2007Monte Carlo simulations of single crystals from polymer solutionsZhang, Jianing ; Muthukumara, M. 
2007Identification and analysis of functional elements in 1% of the human genome by the ENCODE pilot projectChoo, Siew W. ; The ENCODE Project Consortium 
2007Fusion transcripts and transcribed retrotransposed loci discovered through comprehensive transcriptome analysis using Paired-End diTags (PETs)Ruan, Yijun ; Ooi, Hong S. ; Choo, Siew W. ; Chiu, Kuo P. ; Zhao, Xiao D. ; Srinivasan, K.G. ; Yao, Fei ; Choo, Chiou Y. ; Liu, Jun ; Ariyaratne, Pramila ; Bin, Wilson G.W. ; Kuznetsov, Vladimir A. ; Shahab, Atif ; Sung, Wing-Kin ; Bourque, Guillaume ; Palanisamy, Nallasivam ; Wei, Chia-Lin 
2007Pseudogenes in the ENCODE regions: Consensus annotation, analysis of transcription and evolutionZheng, Deyou ; Frankish, Adam ; Baertsch, Robert ; Kapranov, Philipp ; Reymond, Alexandre ; Choo, Siew W. ; Lu, Yontao ; Denoeud, France ; Antonarakis, Stylianos E. ; Snyder, Michael ; Ruan, Yijun ; Wei, Chia-Lin ; Gingeras, Thomas R. ; Guigó, Roderic ; Harrow, Jennifer ; Gerstein, Mark B. 
20083R’s of used car recovery in Philippine’s approachChiu, Candy L. 
2008Lesson from jeepney industry in the PhilippinesChiu, Candy L. 
2009Zoo as ecotourism attraction: Case of Dhaka zooRahman, Md. J. ; Shinwary, Salman S. ; Uddin, Md. M. 
2009The ethylene receptor ETR2 delays floral transition and affects starch accumulation in riceWuriyanghan, Hada ; Zhang, Bo ; Cao, Wan-Hong ; Ma, Biao ; Lei, Gang ; Liu, Yun-Feng ; Wei, Wei ; Wu, Hua-Jun ; Chen, Li-Juan ; Chen, Hao‐Wei ; Cao, Yang-Rong ; He, Si-Jie ; Zhang, Wan-Ke ; Wang, Xiu-Jie ; Chen, Shou‐Yi ; Zhang, Jin‐Song 
2009Simulations of nucleation and elongation of amyloid fibrilsZhang, Jianing ; Muthukumara, M. 
2009Paint industry in Bangladesh: A case study of berger paint Bangladesh LTD.Rahman, Md. J. ; Biswas, Shyamapada ; Jewel, Md. M. H. ; Chowdhury, Shegufta H. 
2011Do busy managers perform better? Evidence from mutual fundsZhang, Jianing 
2011Industry timing versus security selection: Evidence from mutual fund return decompositionZhang, Jianing 
2011NIMA-related kinase NEK6 affects plant growth and stress response in ArabidopsisZhang, Bo ; Chen, Hao‐Wei ; Mu, Rui‐Ling ; Zhang, Wang‐Ke ; Zhao, Ming‐Yu ; Wei, Wei ; Wang, Fang ; Yu, Hui ; Lei, Gang ; Zou, Hong‐Feng ; Ma, Biao ; Chen, Shou‐Yi ; Zhang, Jin‐Song 
2011Factors underlying the adoption of online banking by Mexican consumersMansumitrchai, Somkiat ; AL-Malkawi, Husam-Aldin N. 
2012Aid effectiveness, political instability and economic growth in Bangladesh: An empirical re-investigationRahman, Md. J. ; Hossain, Mohammad I. 
2012Sovereign CDS spreads, volatility, and liquidity: Evidence from 2010 German short-sale banPu, Xiaoling ; Zhang, Jianing 
2012Women in entrepreneurship education in U.S. higher educationChoi, Jeonghwan ; Jeong, Sunny ; Kehoe, Cynthia