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Zhang, Jianing
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12012Can dual-currency sovereign CDS predict exchange rate returns?Pu, Xiaoling ; Zhang, Jianing 
22016The informational content of the embedded deflation option in TIPSGrishchenko, Olesya V. ; Vanden, Joel M. ; Zhang, Jianing 
32001Kinetics and morphologies of viscoelastic phase separationZhang, Jianing ; Zhang, Zhenli ; Zhang, Hongdong ; Yang, Yuliang 
42007Monte Carlo simulations of single crystals from polymer solutionsZhang, Jianing ; Muthukumara, M. 
52009Simulations of nucleation and elongation of amyloid fibrilsZhang, Jianing ; Muthukumara, M. 
62012Sovereign CDS spreads, volatility, and liquidity: Evidence from 2010 German short-sale banPu, Xiaoling ; Zhang, Jianing