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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-20192018.7.23 Unfinished poemHuang, Sijia 
20083R’s of used car recovery in Philippine’s approachChiu, Candy L. 
2014Aberrant gene expression in the Arabidopsis SULTR1; 2 mutants suggests a possible regulatory role for this sulfate transporter in response to sulfur nutrient statusZhang, Bo ; Pasini, Rita ; Dan, Hanbin ; Joshi, Naveen ; Zhao, Yihong ; Leustek, Thomas ; Zheng, Zhi-Liang 
2020Abnormal accruals, normal accruals and stock trading costsWeng, Yuxin 
2020Accessing transportation applications’ impact on customers’ choices of public transportation: The case of Chinese millennialsLu, Yujie 
2020Accounting conservatism and enterprise investment efficiencyXue, Bingruyue 
2020Accounting conservatism and IFRS adoption in ChinaChen, Jiayi 
2020Accounting information and stock price reaction: An empirical evidence from China’s A-shares stock marketLiu, Ruoling 
2020Accounting students’ love of money and their ethical perception: Evidence from ChinaChen, Jinhui 
2015Adaptive multiagent system for learning gap identification through semantic communication and classified rules learningEhimwenma, Kennedy E. ; Beer, Martin ; Crowther, Paul 
2012Adoption of Internet banking in UAE: Factors underlying adoption characteristicsMansumitrchai, Somkiat ; Chiu, Candy L. 
2020Advanced cataloging of Lysine-63 polyubiquitin networks by genomic, interactome, and sensor-based proteomic analysesRomero-Barrios, Natali ; Monachello, Dario ; Dolde, Ulla ; Wong, Aloysius ; San Clemente, Hélène ; Cayrel, Anne ; Johnson, Alexander ; Lurin, Claire ; Vert, Grégory 
2020Advocacy and implementation of Stony Brook University’s global library initiativesHuang, Michael B. ; Gao, Lu 
Dec-2019After the massPowell, John 
Dec-2019Afternoon, a broken ivory maiden sculptureHuang, Sijia 
2018An agent based system approach for improvised explosive device detection, public alertness and safetyEhimwenma, Kennedy E. ; Crowther, Paul ; Alboul, Lyuba ; Beer, Martin ; Offor, Kennedy J. 
2012Aid effectiveness, political instability and economic growth in Bangladesh: An empirical re-investigationRahman, Md. J. ; Hossain, Mohammad I. 
2017All that glitters isn’t gold: The complexities of usage statistics as an assessment tool for digital librariesPerrin, Joy M. ; Yang, Le ; Barba, Shelley ; Winkler, Heidi M. 
2016Aluminum toxicity risk reduction as a result of reduced acid deposition in adirondack lakes and pondsMichelena, Toby M. ; Farrell, Jeremy L. ; Winkler, David A. ; Goodrich, Christine A. ; Boylen, Charles W. ; Sutherland, James W. ; Nierzwicki-Bauer, Sandra A. 
2020Analysis of amount of money needed for retirement in thirty yearsZou, Yuke