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Ehimwenma, Kennedy E.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12016Computational estimate visualisation and evaluation of agent classified rules learning systemEhimwenma, Kennedy E. ; Beer, Martin ; Crowther, Paul 
22020Design and analysis of a multi-agent e-learning system using prometheus design toolEhimwenma, Kennedy E. ; Krishnamoorthy, Sujatha 
32018Formalizing logic based rules for skills classification and recommendation of learning materialsEhimwenma, Kennedy E. ; Crowther, Paul ; Beer, Martin 
42020An SQL domain ontology learning for analyzing hierarchies of structures in pre‑Learning assessment agentsEhimwenma, Kennedy E. ; Crowther, Paul ; Beer, Martin ; Al‑Sharji, Safiya 
52016A system of serial computation for classified rules prediction in non-regular ontology treesEhimwenma, Kennedy E. ; Crowther, Paul ; Beer, Martin