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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Representations of Pakistan: A framing analysis of coverage in the U.S. and Chinese news media surrounding operation Zarb-e-AzbYousaf, Salman 
2005The role of entrepreneurship in developing countries in recognition of the Philippine MSME sectorChiu, Candy L. ; Cabanda, Emilyn C. 
2020The role of IT practices in facilitating relational and trust capital for superior innovation performance: The case of Taiwanese companiesCabrilo, Sladjana ; Dahms, Sven ; Mutuc, Eugene B. ; Marlin, Janita 
2020The role of multidimensional intellectual capital and organizational learning in innovation performanceCabrilo, Slaðana ; Dahms, Sven 
2020The role of networks, competencies, and IT advancement in innovation performance of foreign-owned subsidiariesDahms, Sven ; Cabrilo, Slaðana ; Kingkaew, Suthikorn 
2009Simulations of nucleation and elongation of amyloid fibrilsZhang, Jianing ; Muthukumara, M. 
2015Social identity, collective self esteem and country reputation: The case of PakistanYousaf, Salman ; Li, Huaibin 
2012Sovereign CDS spreads, volatility, and liquidity: Evidence from 2010 German short-sale banPu, Xiaoling ; Zhang, Jianing 
2019Stages in the development of consumers' online trust as mediating variable in online banking system: A proposed modelChiu, Candy L. ; Chiu, Jason L. ; Mansumitrchai, Somkiat 
2020Students’ attitudes towards distance education: A comparative study between Sino-foreign cooperative universities and typical universities in ChinaMarjerison, Rob K. ; Rahman, Md. J. ; Li, Zihui 
2020A study of environmental disclosures practices in Chinese energy industryChiu, Candy L. ; Zhang, Jingxin ; Li, Mingrui ; Wei, Siyu ; Xu, Shengnan ; Chai, Xiaotong 
2020Sustaining competitive advantage through good governance and fiscal controls: Risk determinants in internal controlsRahman, Md. J. ; Marjerison, Rob K. 
2018Talent management process in Asia: A multiple case studyLi, Jessica ; Hedayati-Mehdiabadi, Amir ; Choi, Jeonghwan ; Wu, Feng ; Bell, Allison 
2019Understanding Sina Weibo users' liking behavior: An empirical study in ChinaWang, Yiyi ; Rahman, Md. J. 
2019Understanding the role of attitude components in co-branding: A comparison of Spanish and Taiwanese consumersHo, Han-Chiang ; Chiu, Candy L. ; Liu, Su-Ping ; Lee, Ling L. ; Lado, Nora ; Cesaronic, Fabrizio 
2020Using social media content to identity mental health problems: The case of depression in Sina WeiboLyu, Danyang ; Wang, Zixuan ; Du, Yutong ; Marjerison, Rob K. ; Chen, Rongjuan 
2003Vibration control of an ER seat suspension for a commercial vehicleChoi, S. B. ; Choi, Jeonghwan ; Lee, Y. S. ; Han, M. S. 
2020Volatility of other comprehensive income and audit fees: Evidence from ChinaRahman, Md. J. ; Wu, Tong 
2020What do you know about audit failure so far?Rahman, Md. J. ; Ying, Yuhan ; Zhu, Linjie ; Ji, Pengju 
2012Women in entrepreneurship education in U.S. higher educationChoi, Jeonghwan ; Jeong, Sunny ; Kehoe, Cynthia