Scholarly Publications 245

The collection collects pre-prints (Green OA) or final versions (Golden OA) of scholarly publications authored by WKU faculty and staff. The authors retain the copyright and grant permissions to WKU Library to distribute versions of their scholarly works by strictly following publishers' policies as well as the Copyright Law of the People’s Republic of China.

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021University libraries provide intellectual property information service in China: theoretical framework and system developmentRan, Congjing ; Song, Kai ; Yang, Le 
2022Developing an assessment index for collection-user suitability: Application of information entropy in library scienceYang, Le ; Wei, Fuyi ; Chen, Enci 
2021Covid-19 fallout: Interplay between stressors and support on academic functioning of Malaysian university studentsNoman, Mohammad ; Kaur, Amrita ; Nida, Nafees 
2020Core leadership practices of school principals in the Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaAlqahtani, Abdulaziz S. ; Noman, Mohammad ; Kaur, Amrita 
2021Partnering with doctoral students in research supervision: opportunities and challengesKaur, Amrita ; Kumar, Vijay ; Noman, Mohammad 
2020Contextual leadership and culture in educationNoman, Mohammad ; Gurr, David 
2020Investigating students’ experiences of Students as Partners (SaP) for basic need fulfilment: A self-determination theory perspectiveKaur, Amrita ; Noman, Mohammad 
2020Educational leadership and self-determination theory in collectivist culturesKaur, Amrita ; Noman, Mohammad 
2018Exploring and evaluating differentiated assessment practices of in-service teachers for components of differentiationKaur, Amrita ; Noman, Mohammad ; Hashim, Rosna A. 
2017The role of goal orientations in students’ perceptions of classroom assessment in higher educationKaur, Amrita ; Noman, Mohammad ; Hashim, Rosna A. 
2017Principal’s coalition building and personal traits brings success to a struggling school in MalaysiaNoman, Mohammad ; Hashim, Rosna A. ; Sarimah, Shaik-Abdullah 
2017Defining intercultural education for social cohesion in Malaysian contextKaur, Amrita ; Hashim, Rosna A. ; Noman, Mohammad 
2017Inclusive assessment for linguistically diverse learners in higher educationKaur, Amrita ; Noman, Mohammad ; Nordin, Hasniza 
2016Exploring strategies of teaching and classroom practices in response to challenges of inclusion in a Thai school: A case studyKaur, Amrita ; Noman, Mohammad ; Hashim, Rosna A. 
2016Women leadership in higher education: Can the glass ceiling be brokenHashim, Rosna A. ; Noman, Mohammad ; Kaur, Amrita 
2015The interplay of socio-psychological factors on school engagement among early adolescentsHashim, Rosna A. ; Kaur, Amrita ; Noman, Mohammad 
2015Exploring Classroom Practices in Collectivist Cultures Through the Lens of Hofstede's Model.Kaur, Amrita ; Noman, Mohammad 
2015Teacher autonomy support intervention as a classroom practice in Thai schools:A Self-determination theory perspective.Kaur, Amrita ; Noman, Mohammad ; Hashim, Rosna A. 
2015Parents' perception of dimensions of quality K-12 schools in Bangkok, ThailandNoman, Mohammad ; Kaur, Amrita 
2014Teacher autonomy support: does it hinder motivation among Thai students?Kaur, Amrita ; Hashim, Rosna A. ; Noman, Mohammad 
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 245