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Kaur, Amrita
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12020Core leadership practices of school principals in the Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaAlqahtani, Abdulaziz S. ; Noman, Mohammad ; Kaur, Amrita 
22021Covid-19 fallout: Interplay between stressors and support on academic functioning of Malaysian university studentsNoman, Mohammad ; Kaur, Amrita ; Nida, Nafees 
32017Defining intercultural education for social cohesion in Malaysian contextKaur, Amrita ; Hashim, Rosna A. ; Noman, Mohammad 
42014Differentiated assessment: a new paradigm in assessment practices for diverse learners.Noman, Mohammad ; Kaur, Amrita 
52020Educational leadership and self-determination theory in collectivist culturesKaur, Amrita ; Noman, Mohammad 
62018Exploring and evaluating differentiated assessment practices of in-service teachers for components of differentiationKaur, Amrita ; Noman, Mohammad ; Hashim, Rosna A. 
72015Exploring Classroom Practices in Collectivist Cultures Through the Lens of Hofstede's Model.Kaur, Amrita ; Noman, Mohammad 
82016Exploring strategies of teaching and classroom practices in response to challenges of inclusion in a Thai school: A case studyKaur, Amrita ; Noman, Mohammad ; Hashim, Rosna A. 
92017Inclusive assessment for linguistically diverse learners in higher educationKaur, Amrita ; Noman, Mohammad ; Nordin, Hasniza 
102015The interplay of socio-psychological factors on school engagement among early adolescentsHashim, Rosna A. ; Kaur, Amrita ; Noman, Mohammad 
112020Investigating students’ experiences of Students as Partners (SaP) for basic need fulfilment: A self-determination theory perspectiveKaur, Amrita ; Noman, Mohammad 
122015Parents' perception of dimensions of quality K-12 schools in Bangkok, ThailandNoman, Mohammad ; Kaur, Amrita 
132021Partnering with doctoral students in research supervision: opportunities and challengesKaur, Amrita ; Kumar, Vijay ; Noman, Mohammad 
142017The role of goal orientations in students’ perceptions of classroom assessment in higher educationKaur, Amrita ; Noman, Mohammad ; Hashim, Rosna A. 
152015Teacher autonomy support intervention as a classroom practice in Thai schools:A Self-determination theory perspective.Kaur, Amrita ; Noman, Mohammad ; Hashim, Rosna A. 
162014Teacher autonomy support: does it hinder motivation among Thai students?Kaur, Amrita ; Hashim, Rosna A. ; Noman, Mohammad 
172016Women leadership in higher education: Can the glass ceiling be brokenHashim, Rosna A. ; Noman, Mohammad ; Kaur, Amrita