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Title: Fintech firms and banks: a challenge or opportunity
Authors: Chen, Pengda 
Issue Date: 2020
Source: Chen, P. (2020). Fintech firms and banks: a challenge or opportunity [Unpublished bachelor's thesis]. Wenzhou-Kean University.
Abstract: In view of the fact that Financial technology (Fintech) industry has been rapidly growing in recent years, traditional banks have to respond in an active way to avoid market share dilution and keep revenue growth. It is crucial to investigate the relationship between fintech firms and traditional banks. This thesis aims to clarify whether fintech firms are challenges or opportunities for traditional banks. Furthermore, this research provides a basic view of recent trend in Fintech and examines the comparative advantages of Fintech over traditional banks. In addition, the internal and external risks related to development of Fintech for traditional banks are discussed. The study uses a survey methodology, collects 112 valid responses from Wenzhou-Kean University students, and conducts multiple correlation and regression analysis to investigate the relationship between customer satisfaction and three factors of mobile banking which are usefulness, ease of use, and safety. The results of hypothesis testing demonstrate that these three factors all have a significant impact on customer satisfaction with a positive relationship. The findings present that ease of use is the most important factor in influencing customer satisfaction and provide practical recommendations for banks to improve mobile banking by focusing on important factors, including ease of use, usefulness, and safety.
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