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2014Aberrant gene expression in the Arabidopsis SULTR1; 2 mutants suggests a possible regulatory role for this sulfate transporter in response to sulfur nutrient statusZhang, Bo ; Pasini, Rita ; Dan, Hanbin ; Joshi, Naveen ; Zhao, Yihong ; Leustek, Thomas ; Zheng, Zhi-Liang 
2016C-terminal domain (CTD) phosphatase links Rho GTPase signaling to Pol II CTD phosphorylation in Arabidopsis and yeastZhang, Bo ; Yang, Guohua ; Chen, Yu ; Zhao, Yihong ; Gao, Peng ; Liu, Bo ; Wang, Haiyang ; Zheng, Zhi-Liang 
2020Modulation of the Pol II CTD phosphorylation code by Rac1 and Cdc42 small GTPases in cultured human cancer cells and its implication for developing a synthetic-lethal cancer therapyZhang, Bo ; Zhong, Xuelin ; Sauane, Moira ; Zhao, Yihong ; Zheng, Zhi-Liang 
2014Transceptors at the boundary of nutrient transporters and receptors: A new role for Arabidopsis SULTR1; 2 in sulfur sensingZheng, Zhi-Liang ; Zhang, Bo ; Leustek, Thomas