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Title: The relationship between social media marketing and luxury brands: new opportunity to catch consumers
Authors: Tang, Jiaqi 
Issue Date: 2020
Source: Tang, J. (2020). The relationship between social media marketing and luxury brands: new opportunity to catch consumers [Unpublished bachelor's thesis]. Wenzhou-Kean University.
Abstract: McLuhan (1964) believes that "media is an extension of people." The medium acts on human perception dimensions and judgment modes actively determine the clarity and structure of the received information and change people's communication behavior and spiritual world. Promoting media consciousness is not only a way of understanding, but also a means of prediction and control, and even decisively shapes human cognitive attitude and thinking scale. Nowadays, digital intelligent life is bringing the daily world of people into the new fields of interconnection and media at full speed. Social media has become an interactive platform based on human relationships and links to new thinking and spiritual disciplines. It has produced irresistible radiation and is continually refreshing the brand's marketing strategy. Facing the opportunity of consumption upgrade and the pressure of low economic return, luxury brands that are good at promoting artificial dreams have ushered in new opportunities and challenges. Social media marketing strategies that take into account the trend and customization are a luxury brand under the background of big data. Vitality is the key to its longevity. This study puts luxury brand communication in the social media marketing medium and explores the relationship between luxury brands and social media marketing from the perspective of data analysis. This study aims to discuss the social media marketing strategies of luxury brands,and whether social media marketing will become a potential opportunity for luxury brands to increase consumer purchases. This study will use SPSS to do reliability analysis, Pearson correlation analysis, and multiple linear regression analysis. This study explores feasible methods that can help contemporary luxury brands improve timeliness promotion and organic operations.
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