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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Branding China through the internationalization of higher education sector: An international students’ perspective from ChinaYousaf, Salman ; Fan, Xiucheng ; Laber, Fahad 
2014Branding Pakistan as a “Sufi” country: The role of religion in developing a nation's brandYousaf, Salman ; Li, Huaibin 
2020Copysites / duplitectures as tourist attractions: An exploratory study on experiences of Chinese tourists at replicas of foreign architectural landmarks in ChinaYousaf, Salman ; Fan, Xiucheng 
2020Does international sporting boycott act as a social identity threat? The effects on the national collective self-esteem of Pakistani cricket fansYousaf, Salman ; Laber, Fahad 
2013Evaluating the influences of religiosity and product involvement level on the consumersYousaf, Salman ; Malik, Muhammad S. 
2018Halal culinary and tourism marketing strategies on government websites: A preliminary analysisYousaf, Salman ; Fan, Xiucheng 
2018Humanizing stigmatized places: Inter-group contact and attitude change toward Pakistan and Iran in the ‘Humans of New York’ Facebook spaceYousaf, Salman ; Fan, Xiucheng 
2019The impact of customer equity drivers on loyalty intentions among Chinese banking customers: The moderating role of emotionsRazzaq, Zohaib ; Razzaq, Ali ; Yousaf, Salman ; Akram, Umair ; Hong, Zhao 
2019Impact of service innovation on customer satisfaction: An evidence from Pakistani banking industryKanwal, Rimsha ; Yousaf, Salman 
2018The impact of utilitarian and hedonistic shopping values on sustainable fashion consumption: The moderating role of religiosityRazzaq, Zohaib ; Razzaq, Ali ; Yousaf, Salman ; Hong, Zhao 
2015The influence of Investor personality traits on information acquisition and trading behavior: Evidence from Chinese futures exchangeTauni, Muhammad Z. ; Fang, Hong X. ; Rao, Zia-ur-Rehman ; Yousaf, Salman 
2015Information agents and cultural differences as determinants of country‘s reputation and its subsequent effects on tourism prospects of a country in sustained crises: The case of PakistanYousaf, Salman ; Samreen, Nida 
2020Investor-advisor Big Five personality similarity and stock trading performanceTauni, Muhammad Z. ; Yousaf, Salman ; Ahsan, Tanveer 
2019Lost Destination marketing opportunities due to international sporting boycottYousaf, Salman 
2020Migration intentions: A sign of a weak nation brand? A multi-group analysis between China and PakistanYousaf, Salman ; Tauni, Mohammad Z. ; Fan, Xiucheng 
2016The moderating impact of emotions on customer equity drivers and loyalty intentions: Evidence of within sector differencesRazzaq, Zohaib ; Yousaf, Salman ; Hong, Zhao 
2018Moderating influence of advisor personality on the association between financial advice and investor stock trading behaviorTauni, Muhammad Z. ; Majeed, Muhammad A. ; Mirza, Sultan S. ; Yousaf, Salman ; Jebran, Khalil 
2014The need for new service innovation in Halal marketingKabiraj, Sajal ; Walke, R. C. ; Yousaf, Salman 
2015Political marketing in Pakistan: Exaggerated promises, delusive claims, marketable development projects and change advocacyYousaf, Salman 
2013Profiling consumer behavior in the context of involvement level and demographic factors: Evidence of within-country differences from a developing economyYousaf, Salman ; Li, Huaibin