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2017Comparative genome analyses of mycobacteria give better insights into their evolutionWee, Wei Y. ; Dutta, Avirup ; Choo, Siew W. 
2016Comparative genome analysis of Fusobacterium nucleatumAng, Mia Y. ; Dutta, Avirup ; Wee, Wei Y. ; Paterson, Ian C. ; Choo, Siew W. 
2019Comparative genome sequencing and analyses of Mycobacterium cosmeticum reveal potential for biodesulfization of gasolineWee, Wei Y. ; Dutta, Avirup ; Jayaraj, Jayasyaliny ; Choo, Siew W. 
2016Comparative genomic analysis reveals a possible novel non-tuberculous Mycobacterium species with high pathogenic potentialChoo, Siew W. ; Dutta, Avirup ; Wong, Guat J. ; Wee, Wei Y. ; Ang, Mia Y. ; Siow, Cheuk S. 
2015Development of ListeriaBase and comparative analysis of Listeria monocytogenesTan, Mui F. ; Siow, Cheuk C. ; Dutta, Avirup ; Mutha, Naresh VR. ; Wee, Wei Y. ; Heydari, Hamed ; Tan, Shi Y. ; Ang, Mia Y. ; Wong, Guat J. ; Choo, Siew W. 
2016Evolutionary study of Yersinia genomes deciphers emergence of human pathogenic speciesTan, Shi Y. ; Tan, Irene K. P. ; Tan, Mui F. ; Dutta, Avirup ; Choo, Siew W. 
2015MycoCAP - Mycobacterium comparative analysis platformChoo, Siew W. ; Ang, Mia Y. ; Dutta, Avirup ; Tan, Shi Y. ; Siow, Cheuk S. ; Heydari, Hamed ; Mutha, Naresh V. R. ; Wee, Wei Y. ; Wong, Guat J. 
2015YersiniaBase: A genomic resource and analysis platform for comparative analysis of YersiniaTan, Shi Y. ; Dutta, Avirup ; Jakubovics, Nicholas S. ; Ang, Mia Y. ; Siow, Cheuk S. ; Mutha, Naresh VR. ; Heydari, Hamed ; Wee, Wei Y. ; Wong, Guat J. ; Choo, Siew W.